The course integrates “Best Principles” for Business Continuity Planning with “Best Practices”, using real-life scenarios and examples to deepen your understanding.

In addition, the course provides you with real-life tools for Business Continuity Planning and engages you in solving meaningful problems within your own organization.

At the conclusion of this course, participants should:

  • have a solid understanding of the overall Business Continuity Management lifecycle
  • have the tools and knowledge required to conduct a Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis for their organization
  • know how to identify and select cost-effective Business Continuity strategies for critical business processes and computer systems
  • be able to guide their IT and business unit personnel through the development of practical and effective computer disaster recovery and business recovery plans
  • know how to establish the organizational framework required to enable their BC program
  • be able to implement an effective Crisis Management structure within their organization
  • know how to keep their BC plans current and viable
  • have the tools and knowledge required to plan and coordinate effective BCP tests and exercises
  • know how to maintain support and commitment for the Business Continuity program
  • understand how to conduct audits and valuations of a BC program
  • be successful in the BCRP certification exam.

This is without doubt the most comprehensive BCMS course available anywhere, and is intended for someone who needs a detailed, methodology-based 21st century approach to learning about BCMS, using the recently revised International BCM Standard ISO 22301.

This course includes the Business Continuity & Resiliency Management Professional (BCRP) certification exam. As a Special Bonus, it also includes an optional Mid-Term and End-of-course Final Exam, each of 50 questions and 60 minutes in length. If you receive 70% on both of these exams, you will be exempted from the BCRP exam to receive the certification. The course covers all 4 areas of the Plan-Do-Check-Act management lifecycle used by ISO 22301, training participants in best practices as well as best principles; for Business Continuity Planning. Participants receive the knowledge and tools needed to develop a business continuity program for their organization. Plus it includes sessions on IT Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security Planning.

Participants also receive a print handbook of the course slides and our famous 32 GIG BCM Flashdrive containing over 6,000 BCM files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, templates, videos and more, covering the full spectrum of Business Continuity Management from A to Z. And, as a bonus, participants also receive full electronic versions of this course and the actual BCM files we use when consulting with clients. This Flash Drive normally retails for $ 1000 by itself, and will be sent for free to all course participants.

Participants who complete this online course are also awarded our Diploma in Business Continuity & Resiliency Management.

There are 5 main topics, organized into 35 lessons of approximately 1 hour each, plus 40 optional homework assignments and section quizzes. You should plan to spend a minimum of 40 hours on the course. The individual lessons can be studied at your own pace and you have one full year to complete the program (most get it done within a month).

The course includes a Practice Exam for the BCRP as well as the BCRP Exam itself. You have unlimited access to the course, including any updates, within the year.

Plus, our Success Guarantee includes the promise that should you not pass the BCRP exam in the first try - for any reasons, no questions asked - IBCT will pay for any subsequent attempts until you do succeed.


This course is designed for executives, managers, business continuity planners and business unit staff who are or may be involved in or manage business continuity planning functions. It is also highly useful for emergency managers, internal and external auditors, records managers, information technology managers, administrative heads, and others responsible for the effective administration of any size of organization.

Course Content


  • Lesson 1 - Course Overview
  • Lesson 2 - Business Continuity Standards
  • Lesson 3 - What is in a Business Continuity Plan?
  • Lesson 4 - Case Study: Business Continuity Plan Example
  • Introduction - Practice Test

PLAN: Planning the BCMS

  • Lesson 5 – PLAN: Context of the Organization
  • Lesson 6 – PLAN: Leadership (Policy)
  • Lesson 7 – PLAN: Leadership (BC Teams)
  • Lesson 8 – PLAN: Planning the Program
  • Lesson 9 – PLAN: Support (Awareness & Training)
  • Lesson 10 – PLAN: Support (Crisis Communications)
  • Lesson 11 – PLAN: Support (Social Media)
  • PLAN - Practice Test

DO: Developing the BCMS

  • Lesson 12 – DO: Operational Planning and Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Lesson 13 – DO: 5 Steps to Complete a BIA
  • Lesson 14 – DO: Collecting BIA Data
  • Lesson 15 – DO: Risk Assessment Methods
  • Lesson 16 – DO: Business Unit Risk Assessment Method
  • Lesson 17 – DO: Business Continuity Strategies
  • Lesson 18 – DO: Supply Chain Continuity
  • Lesson 19 – DO: BC Strategies Case Study
  • Lesson 20 – DO: BC Plans and Procedures
  • Lesson 21 – DO: Developing an Incident Response Structure
  • Lesson 22 – DO: Business Recovery Procedures
  • Lesson 23 – DO: Return to Normal Procedures
  • Lesson 24 – DO: Exercising BC Teams
  • Lesson 25 – DO: Testing BC Plans


  • Lesson 26 – IT Disaster Recovery
  • Lesson 27 – IT DR Strategies
  • Lesson 28 – CyberSecurity and BCM
  • Lesson 29 – CyberSecurity: Leadership and Governance
  • Lesson 30 - Pandemic Planning
  • DO - Practice Test

Mid-Course Exam

  • BCRP Mid-Course Exam

CHECK: Evaluating the BCMS

  • Lesson 31 – CHECK: Evaluating your BCMS
  • Lesson 32 – CHECK: Auditing BC Plans
  • Lesson 33 – CHECK: Reporting to Senior Management
  • CHECK: Practice Test

ACT: Continual Improvement

  • Lesson 34 – ACT: Continual Improvement
  • Lesson 35 – Certifying your Organization to ISO 22301
  • ACT: Practice Test

End-of-Course Exam

  • BCRP End-of-Course Final Exam



The course fee is $ 1995, which includes the course handbook, the 32G BCM Flashdrive, and BCRP professional certification.