Start Planning Now for the Next COVID-19, by Michael Bittle

There are 101 things that can go wrong for any business. COVID-19 is just one of them. Floods, fires, theft, staff shortages, zombie attacks, space aliens – you name it.

So what are you supposed to do to prepare your business for the next COVID-19? Or zombie attack?

Fortunately, there is a solid answer to that question. It’s called a Business Continuity Plan, and a good one will take an ‘all-hazards’ risk approach.

This means that you don’t spend your time analyzing risk probabilities for the 101 things that could wrong. That would take a lot of time and money. Instead, thanks to the international business continuity standard ISO 22301, you look at the things that you don’t want to lose – your key people, your key property or your key business processes – and you ask yourself the question “what if I lost this for a day, a week or a month?" What would you do then?

Of course, creating a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan is not really as simple as that, but it is not rocket science either. There are 7 basic steps outlined in the ISO standard and, for a small- to medium-sized business, the entire process from start to finish should not take more than 3 months, working part-time.

The Institute for Business Continuity Training has been assisting companies for over 20 years.

The time to start planning for the next COVID-19 threat is now. You can have a whole series of resources available to create a business continuity plan free of charge through the Institute for Business Continuity Training. Just ask for it.

Don’t wait until the zombies show up on your doorstep!

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