IBCT - What is Business Continuity?
2018 Course Schedule

2018 Course Schedule

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Business Continuity Management is a suite of documented and tested procedures to ensure that an organization does not experience unacceptable interruptions in any of its key business activities even in the event of a critical disruptive incident (disaster) - no matter what !

Business Continuity Management consists of three core elements:

  • Incident Response and Communications to enable an effective response to a critical incident. Crisis Management focuses on stabilizing the situation and preparing the business for recovery operations
  • IT Disaster Recovery addresses the recovery of critical IT assets, including systems, applications, databases, storage and network assets
  • Business Recovery Planning, or Business Resumption Planning, involves the recovery of key business activities providing core products or services to customers

An effective BCMS provides the ability to manage a major business disruption to:

  • ensure the health and safety of employees
  • maintain key prioritized business activities
  • minimize business impacts
  • protect the company’s reputation
  • avoid unnecessary legal liabilities
  • expedite the return to stable conditions
  • avoid the incident escalating into a company disaster


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