ECP-601: Effective Business Continuity Management

ECP - 601:   Effective Business Continuity Management

This 3-day course provides an exceptionally comprehensive hands-on workshop covering all major aspects for the design and management of an effective Business Continuity program.

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Take-aways include detailed course handbook; 16G BCM FlashDrive with over 4,000 templates etc, including all course files; Diploma in Business Continuity Management; Certified Continuity Manager designation - PLUS the knowledge and tools needed to develop a Business Continuity Management program. 
This course is designed for individuals new to business continuity management, consultants and auditors wishing to learn about BCM, executives, managers, business continuity planners, engineers, IT staff, and business unit managers who are involved in developing or managing business continuity planning functions. It is also highly useful for records managers, administrative heads and others responsible for the effective administration of any size of organization. This course provides an intensive, hands-on workshop covering all major aspects of the Business Continuity Management lifecycle for corporations and government organizations. 




“How to do” plus “What to do”

We believe this course “ECP-601: Effective Business Continuity Management” is the very best business continuity training offered anywhere in the world.
Learn how to initiate and manage a comprehensive BCM program—from start to finish! In addition to "best principles", you also learn "best practices" - the practical "how to" develop and maintain an effective Business Continuity Management System. We teach you “what” you need to know plus “how” to do it.

The course covers:
- tools and techniques for conducting risk assessments and business impact analysis
- practical methodologies to design and manage effective continuity plans
- case studies to examine real life situations and their solutions
- guided study and group exercises to apply the lessons learned
- methodologies for creating a plan to support your business in the face of any critical incident.

This course is fully accredited by the National Institute for Business Continuity Management.
Completion of this course qualifies participants to write the certification exam to obtain the professional designation of Certified Continuity Manager (CCM). IBCT has had virtually 100% success preparing course participants for this exam. In the unlikely event that you do not succeed in your first attempt at the exam, IBCT will pay the $ 500 fee for any subsequent attempts.

A typical course participant has less than two years of experience in business continuity planning! They have been ‘volun-told’ into this new role and need to know how to successfully carry out these new duties.

This course is suitable for—and has been used effectively by—every type of organization in the private and non-profit sector and government. The techniques and tools we provide are applicable to banking, insurance, manufacturing, health care, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, federal, state and local government organizations, in addition to international corporations and non-profit agencies.

In addition, participants leave this course with our Diploma in Business Continuity Management.

Course Objectives 

At the conclusion of this course, participants should: 
· have a solid understanding of the overall Business Continuity Management lifecycle 
· have the tools and knowledge required to conduct Risk Assessments and Business Impact Analyses for their organization 
· be able to guide their IT and business unit personnel through the development of practical and effective business resumption plans 
· understand the advantages and disadvantages of plan development software packages and commercial recovery services
· know how to establish the organizational framework required to keep their Business Continuity plans current and viable 
· have the tools and knowledge required to plan and coordinate effective tests and exercises 
· know how to maintain support and commitment for their Business  Continuity program 
· have a solid understanding of Business Continuity "Best Practices"
- successfully write the certification exam for the "Certified Continuity Manager" designation

Topics covered include: 

1. Business Continuity Lifecycle Management: 
· The new realities of Business Continuity Planning 
· Management's roles and responsibilities with respect to Business Continuity 
· Establishing and managing a Business Continuity program 
· How to evaluate, and maximize, the program's cost-effectiveness 
· Generally Accepted Business Continuity 'Best Practices' 
· Future trends in Business Continuity Management 

2. Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessments: 
· Identifying key business activities 
· Determining impacts of business interruptions 
· Assessing the time-sensitivity of impacts 
· Developing impact mitigation strategies 
· Establishing the 'maximum tolerable downtime' of key business activities 
· Determining minimum resource requirements for business resumption 
· Preparing and presenting a BIA/Risk/Strategy report 
· Interview techniques 

3. Business Recovery Planning: 
· Establishing Business Unit Recovery teams 
· Identifying planning assumptions 
· Documenting recovery strategies and resource requirements 
· Developing activity and task lists for each phase of the recovery 
· Documenting tasks and compiling supporting information 

4. Setting the Framework - Enabling your Continuity Program 
· Overview of Business Continuity 'best practices' 
· Setting corporate policies, objectives and budgets 
· Assigning accountability for the Business Continuity program 
· Establishing the Business Continuity teams 
· Implementing an Incident Command / Crisis Management Framework 

5. Keeping the Plan Alive - Validating and Maintaining your Continuity Program 
· Maintaining and administering Business Continuity plans 
· Auditing and evaluating Business Continuity plans 

6. Testing, Training and Exercising a BCP Program 
- conducting tests, training and exercises of the Business Continuity plan

7. Implementing the Program 
· Selecting the Right ‘Vehicles’ 
· Obtaining Budgetary Approval 
· Preparing the Program Content 
· Launching the Program 
· Managing the Ongoing Program 
- Maintaining management support and commitment



  • Introduction to Business Continuity Planning
  • Evolution of BC Planning
  • Aspects of the BC Profession
  • Evolution of BC Standards


  • Establish business continuity policy, objectives, targets, controls, processes and procedures
  • Context of the Organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Developing an Awareness and Training Program
  • Establishing BCMS Teams
  • Crisis Communications



  • Implement and operate the business continuity policy, controls, processes and procedures
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Collecting and Compiling the BIA Data
  • Analyzing the Data and Determining BC Options
  • Risk Assessment
  • How to Fast Track the BIA/RA Pocess
  • Identifying Strategies to Reduce Risk and Impact
  • Computer Recovery Strategies
  • Supply chain Strategies
  • Implementing a Crisis Response Structure
  • Business Recovery Procedures
  • Exercising the BCMS Teams
  • Testing and Validating BC plans



  • Monitor and review performance against business continuity policy and objectives
  • Report the results to management for review
  • Determine and authorize actions for remediation and improvement
  • Auditing and Evaluating BC plans
  • Management Review


  • Maintain and improve the BCMS
  • Taking corrective action, based on the results of management review
  • Reappraising the scope of the BCMS and business continuity policy and objectives
  • Maintaining and Administering BC plans
  • Continual Improvement
CCM Exam

Participants leave with the knowledge and the tools to immediately start developing their own business continuity plan. Plus, you receive our unique 16G BCM FlashDrive with over 4,000 BCM software tools, detailed course materials, and our CCM exam "Success Guarantee" - you will pass the CCM exam on your first attempt - or we will pay for any subsequent attempts, no questions asked!

This is the only BCM course you will ever need to take!