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T: 1-844-408-4358
F: 1-888-972-4764

Do you need Business Continuity training or certification?

We are the perfect choice for your business continuity training

IBCT is an international Business Continuity training and consulting company. We offer a wide range of Business Continuity Management services. In particular, our training courses are provided online, onsite, and throughout the year in the United States, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Cloud Training Solutions

Our ONLINE training courses are available to you 24/7. Sign up when you want, work on the course when you can, and take the CCM exam when you are ready.

Guaranteed Results

Our "Success Guarantee" states that you will pass the CCM exam on your first try - or we will pay for any subsequent retakes.
No risk!

Professional Work

Our instructors are all experienced senior managers AND professionally-certified Business Continuity Planners.
You can trust what they tell you.

Public Courses

We offer a range of competency-based Business Continuity Management (BCM) courses throughout the year, designed with one main goal — protecting the key business activities of your organization.

Private Courses

Private, Onsite Training at your location of choice - One-on-One or Small Group at  training at your location of choice. No group is too small or too large.

Professional Consulting

IBCT provides onsite and remote consulting services encompassing the full BCM lifecycle. Our team of BC professionals are at your disposal.

About Our Courses

Small business connection, big business resultsA typical course has 10 - 12 participants; we keep our class sizes small intentionally so you will have maximum opportunity to ask questions and get answers.

Plus, our course materials are extremely detailed so that when you go back to your office, you don't have to rely on your memory or your notes.

We WANT you to learn Business Continuity Management, so we do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

We will train you to develop a Business Continuity Plan

ECP-601 - the only BCM Course you need!

You will learn "WHAT" you need to know and "HOW" to do it - Best Principles + Best Practices.
Have a Question?

Have a Question?

ECP-601 Pricing

$1995/Course Only
3 Full Days of Training
All Course Materials
16G BCM Flashdrive
CCM Exam Prep Materials
CCM Exam with Success Guarantee!

The Past 12 Months

2562 Cups of Coffee
738 Clients Trained
128 Projects Completed
12508 Training Hours

Two Good Reasons to Attend ECP-601

Protect your Key Business Activities

We will train your company how to identify your key business activities and how to keep these up and running - no matter what!

Gain Professional BCM Certification

With our Success Guarantee, we will ensure that you will receive the CCM professional BCM certification even if we have to pay for exam retakes - no matter what!